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Aileen Zumstein Communication GmbH is the strategic communication consultancy for national and international enterprises, start-ups, foundations and NGOs, boards of directors, and corporate leaders.

Personal, individual, and with an entrepreneurial spirit. You and your organization are in the center of our focus. Benefit from our keen sense for topics, people, and our large network. We are convinced that you can create trust, strengthen relationships, encourage dialog, and thus create sustainable additional value with your communication. Our passion is making your strengths visible. We will position you with excellence and communicate the essence of your activities.

We work in a mobile manner, and beyond language and national borders – from Zurich to Bern to Sydney. Our flat hierarchies permit agility and flexibility.

As communicative personalities, we pay particular attention to exchange ideas with other persons and are connected to business, science, culture, politics, and the media.






We decide and act carefully and in a highly qualified manner. Ideas become actions.


We begin with questions, not with solutions. People, their strengths and their enterprises, fascinate us.


We are courageous and go down new paths for you. The way we approach issues is not the classical, standard solution, but is individually adapted.




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External perspective

You are embedded in social, economic, ecological, and social actualities. We analyze your situation carefully and develop communication strategies for your sustainable positioning, taking all relevant criteria and targets agreed upon into account.

The person

We begin with questions, and not with solutions. You and your enterprise are in the center of our focus. We advise you individually and personally in accordance with a process we developed (turntable) that allows us to make your strengths visible.


Communicating means comitting yourself to someone else, beginning with yourself. Communication leads to relationships, increases trust, activates perception, and creates sustainable additional value. We are committed to you, to your enterprise, and to your reputation.



The Aileen Zumstein Communication GmbH distinguishes itself with its multicultural values and a broad palette of strengths. We are part of an international, multilingual team, made up of inquisitive and open-minded people. We approach chances and projects with passion, delight, dependability, and complementary knowledge.

We practice and encourage a mobile and agile way of working that extends beyond borders. We live and work in various cities in Switzerland and abroad and have long-term experience in communication.

We are actively engaged in clubs and organizations and realize national and international projects on a voluntary basis.


CV of Aileen Zumstein (in German).


aileen zumstein

Aileen Zumstein
Founder & Managing Partner

Creating perspectives, strengthening relationships, and seeing the person as an individual – this is the focus of this multilingual communications expert. Aileen Zumstein is a successful joint venture that combines Asian discipline and diligence with Swiss exactness and dependability. As a former radio journalist with a subsequent corporate communication experience in medium sized and international groups, she knows that sustainable positioning depends on the enterprise’s strengths and its visibility. At the same time, good management and leadership strengthen the enterprise from within, since motivated and creative employees play an important role in success. Authentic communication creates trust within and outside of the firm. Aileen is an entrepreneur, board member, advisory board member and author of professional articles. She has been moderating conferences and meetings for many years and is a co-founder of WE SHAPE TECH Basel, an organization dedicated to diversity in the field of technology and innovation.




Marla Eva Moser

marlaeva moser

Marla Eva Moser brings passion for communication and editorial flair as well as a great amount of excitement for IT and new media. She is active in the area of consulting at Aileen Zumstein Communication and manages some of the customer projects. She works in both Bern and Zurich. Marla Eva Moser is part of the organizing comittee of DINAcon, the conference for sustainable digitalization.

Marla Eva Moser studied Spanish Language and Literature as well as Business Administration at the University of Bern and completed her studies with a Master of Arts. She speaks four languages fluently.

Before working at Aileen Zumstein Communications, she worked in scientific communication and did media and communication work in the health industry.


Florin Zai
Content & Projects

florin zai

Florin Zai is a creative copywriter and concept designer with enthusiasm for relevant and exciting content. As a digital native, social media accompanies his everyday life.

At Aileen Zumstein Communication he contributes his versatile know-how in communication and marketing as well as his enthusiasm for media, journalism and content. Florin Zai supports the team with his organizational talent in various projects and mandates.

He studied communication science and media research with a minor in German language and literature at the University of Fribourg. In addition to his work for Aileen Zumstein Communication, he is currently completing his Master's degree in the same subject combination.

Florin Zai previously worked as a journalist and at a financial institution. He grew up in Eastern Switzerland and now works in Zurich and Berne. He follows the functioning and effects of online portals and platforms, especially in the media sector, with interest. Florin Zai enjoys travelling in Switzerland and abroad and speaks three languages.



Isabelle Dubach
Project Assistance

isabelle dubach

Isabelle Dubach has diverse international experience in the areas of journalism, communication, and public relations and incorporates her competencies in varied projects.

Content marketing and social media also belong to her areas of expertise. Isabelle Dubach creates unique stories that are moving and motivate action in all of her areas of work in several languages. She has a Master of Arts in English and History.

The PR and communications expert grew up in Switzerland, but has always liked to work and to live abroad – from Manchester over Miami to her present domicile in Sydney, Australia.




 Depending on our mandates, we cooperate with experts from all over the world.





  • As a visionary, I want to be able to fully concentrate on my projects. In order for our success to be visible to the outside world, we need people who support us strategically and are committed, and who challenge us time and time again.With Aileen Zumstein Communication, we have a reliable team at our side that accompanies us personally and with the greatest commitment. They achieve to get our stories into the national and international top journals. This saves us time and allows us to focus on our goals. The team offers communication consulting with entrepreneurial spirit and an efficient approach. Together, we generate impact.
    Pascal Kaufmann
    Co-Founder Starmind International AG and Mindfire Foundation
  • Analytically and conceptually strong consultants are a must so that marketing and communication contribute to influence and success. People who rapidly grasp a topic, define a target and content, and plan channels for marketing and communication activities that are both influential and effective. PostFinance benefits from the service of Aileen Zumstein Communication. My internal stakeholders receive communication consulting worthy of its name for every theme in challenging and often hectic times. The conceptualized and realized activities achieve the targeted impact and attain measurable success.
    Silvan Merki
    PostFinance, Head Marketing Communication
  • “Aileen Zumstein Communication”: Good communication assumes responsibility and creates trust. Aileen Zumstein advises persons and enterprises individually and professionally, shows them risks and solutions, and remains at their side as a supporter at all times. Thanks to her sure instinct and the external perspective she contributes, she enjoys the trust of her clients and creates the prerequisites so that her customers’ communication is perceived both as responsible and trustworthy.
    Dr. Oscar Olano, LLM, Lawyer
    Specialized attorney SAV inheritance law, Staehelin Olano, Advokatur und Notariat
  • Aileen Zumstein moderated the major alumni event “Vitamin N – Networking and Social Recruiting”. She is a communications professional. That was already apparent in the preparation: straightforward coordination, and preparation for all eventualities. She moderated the evening competently and authentically, asked the correct questions to the panel, and never forgot the audience. Her moderation gave the evening the correct portion of ease and created a pleasant atmosphere, which Aileen Zumstein knew how to transfer to the audience. Our events are dependent on the correct mood, and she is one of our most important factors for success.
    Franziska Haller
    Director of the alumni organization (Faculty of Business, Economics, and Informatics, University of Zurich)
  • We need a view from the outside and a 360 degree review at regular intervals in order to recognize new paths, optimizations, and other chances. Aileen Zumstein Communication made a valuable analysis and created the basis for targeted and sustainable communications measures.
    Pius Fellner
    Country Head Switzerland at Lionbridge, former Country Manager Switzerland at EF Corporate Solutions
  • Aileen Zumstein has the ability to react sensibly, flexibly, and competently in complex situations. She is an exact planner, reliable and trustworthy. She also moves without effort in an international context. Working with her is a pleasure.
    Annette Schönholzer
    Founder of .connect the dots, coaching, consulting, concepts, former director of New Initiatives
  • She has a feeling for people and is able – when announcing speakers – to precisely emphasize the right aspects, always with a lot of respect for the person and his or her work. She focused expertly on the themes and was able to build up a corresponding enthusiasm in the audience for the presentations. Aileen Zumstein led the audience skillfully through the program of the day-long meeting and the evening event, and touched the hearts of the participants. Professional, spontaneous, sincere, open, humorous. Working with her is a pleasure.
    Peter Achermann
    Management, DER KREIS Einkaufsgesellschaft für Küchenfachgeschäfte AG
  • Aileen Zumstein is a committed, reliable and entrepreneurial personality with a strong presence on stage who understands how to connect with the audience and place her dialogue partners into the spotlight. She has the ability to understand companies and people, creating exciting moments with her professional conversation skills. Thanks to her spontaneity, she knows when to ask the right questions at the right time. In conveying our messages, Aileen Zumstein has hit the right tone - in three different languages. Whoever works with her can relax - you’re in the best hands.
    Mats Bachmann Ihr
    Head CEO Office Bank Cler, Head Rebranding Bank Coop/Bank Cler
  • Aileen Zumstein impresses with her extensive experience in the field of communication and media. She is a distinguished presenter and excellent speaker. Our big main event for external stakeholders was a great success thanks to her professional engagement, her eloquence and empathy. Working with Aileen was perfect and a lot of fun.
    Martin Eisele
    CEO Türenfabrik Brunegg AG
  • Aileen Zumstein is an amazing and outstanding moderator! With her professionality, her eloquence and her distinct flair for persons and their stories, she made a significant contribution to the success of our first Soirée. She is a true gem – not only live on stage, but also as a human being.
    Silvia Binggeli
    Editor-in-chief annabelle
  • Many experiences, much enthusiasm – Aileen Zumstein is my favorite moderator.
    Prof. Dr. Ulrich F. Zwygart
    Honorary professor of business administration, University of St. Gallen
  • As a start-up, we are dependent on getting into contact with our target groups and our stakeholders. Aileen Zumstein did not just help us transform our message into an exciting story – thanks to her excellent network among Swiss journalists, we were able to appear prominently in national and regional media. And because she is an entrepreneur, she shares our enthusiasm to take on and realize new projects. This is exactly what makes collaboration with Aileen Zumstein so interesting and inspirational.
    Martin Scherrer
    Co-founder of YOOTURE AG
  • Authenticity, trustworthiness, creativity, and positive energy. I associate all of these with Aileen Zumstein. Her way of thinking, developing concepts, and realizing ideas is unique. In doing this, she always has her clients in mind and addresses their wishes and needs. I do not know many people who succeed in the balancing act between hectic work and deliberate procedures while under time pressure. Aileen Zumstein accomplishes this easily and responsibly.
    Dr. Maura Wyler
    Head of Communications, UBS Center, University of Zurich
  • Aileen Zumstein works professionally and efficiently; with her open and friendly nature, she completes every project to our full satisfaction. For her, her job is her passion!
    Dr. Sara Signer
    Zurich University of Teacher Education, research associate, development and marketing of digital learning platforms at the ifdl association
  • I am pleased to warmly recommend Aileen Zumstein as a professional and multilingual moderator. She orients herself consequently to the needs of her customers and delivers excellent results.
    Dr. Daniel C. Schmid
    Directory of the academy, HWZ University of Applied Sciences
  • She brings her message to the point. She is convincing as a communications expert with factual knowledge, clear understanding, and the ability to approach and interact with people openly. Aileen Zumstein has much experience in the area of communication and media and sets herself apart with her passion for the material and her exceptionally large engagement. Furthermore, her strong and highly positive presence is endearing.
    Rima Badeen
    Business coach, trainer, and journalist
  • Aileen Zumstein organized and moderated a public event at the University of Zurich where I presented a lecture. I have seldom had the opportunity to speak before such a broad and attentive, as well as exciting audience. Economists are not known for attracting an audience of this type, and praise for this goes to Aileen Zumstein. I thank her for her untiring efforts that drew this level of attention to the event. In a perfect world, she would organize all of my future lectures. What a shame that she is an ocean away!
    Robert H. Frank, Cornell University
    Professor of economics and columnist for the New York Times
  • Aileen Zumstein is an exceptional, very professional, and dependable entrepreneur who knows how to connect people. We were able to hire Aileen Zumstein as moderator and interview for one of our most important events in Europe. Within a very short amount of time, she was able to guide colleagues and guests without being pushy. Thanks to her many languages and her strong ability to read people, she was able to react perfectly to spontaneous situations and thus gave the event more luster. The collaboration with a communications specialist like her was unique and was lots of fun.
    Alexandra Hochuli
    Marketing Expert, former Director of Marketing Europe, Oettinger Davidoff AG
  • She understands communication as an integrated process and also has the talent to be able to serve the various disciplines expertly. From the conception to the strategy and realization – professional, engaged, dynamic. Thinking ahead, precise, and acting in an entrepreneurial manner, that is Aileen Zumstein and her team.
    Michael Haag
    Senior Marketing Executive at Michael Haag, former Marketing Director OVS DACH & Charles Vögele DE, AT, HU
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We all communicate – daily, verbally, or non-verbally. Communication is necessary. Good communication is valuable and based on your strengths. Credible communication is the basis for long-term success, also in competitive situations.

Communication is our passion. We support you in your communication with contact persons and interest groups such as employees, partners, suppliers, customers, investors, media, associations, and public institutions – in a responsible, curious, and creative manner.

Together with you, we lay the foundation for your communication, built upon your strengths and values and with which you can communicate your unique story on a long-term and sustainable basis.


We support you in developing and implementing your individual communication strategy with a much-needed outside perspective. Together with you, we develop communication concepts for internal and external communication.

We accompany you in positioning your enterprise. We make your strengths visible and support you in communicating the essence of your activities. We are at your side – from the strategy over the concept to the implementation and reputation management.
Do good and talk about it – we make sure that your activities are perceived. We advise you in the areas of media relations, media releases, and media conferences. We support you in composing and editing texts, in putting together Q & A, and in unique communication messages.

We are at your side in supporting and managing communication projects. It does not matter if they are local, national, or international projects – we accompany you from the first concept idea up to implantation and evaluation.
If you want to reach elusive goals, you must excite other people. We accompany you as a leader in positioning and in reputation management, in internal communication and with all stakeholders, in public appearances and speeches, and in theme management.

We ask the right questions at your panel meeting, and manage events, meetings, and conferences. We support you in challenging and emotional discussions responsibly, inquiringly, and creatively.



Communication creates added value

Dialog stands in the middle of trustworthy communication. Engagement, trust, interpersonal relationships, and a good reputation are the central elements of qualitatively valuable communication.


Aileen Grafik Komm schafft MW 1000x700px RGB NEU EN


Each factor of this model is associated with communication challenges that we want to work on together with you, in order to attain the results agreed on.



Management communication and coaching: How do you as CEO create the balance between leadership and employee enhancement? Leadership communication is an individual challenge and requires measures tailored to your needs. We strengthen your leadership position and the entrepreneurial culture with targeted coaching and regular events, based on your personality, the team constellation and dynamics, as well as the growth phase of the enterprise.


Launching a new communication platform: As an internationally active enterprise, you want a platform (e.g. a conference) that connects with and brings together all stakeholders from around the world. You create the basis for credible discussions and a strong relationship among and with the participants with a socially relevant theme as a starting point, with suitable messages at the right time, and with tactical stakeholder management.


Internal communication: a rapidly growing enterprise with a growing number of employees needs internal structures, clear communication, and the proper communication channels. Clear roles and responsibilities as well as relevant, deliberately publicized communication messages support the team spirit, increase trust in the management, and strengthen the identification of the employees with the organization.


Support of a realignment: digitalization and disruptive models lead to internal changes in the entire enterprise which often represent a challenge to you and to the management. Early planning and communication of the various measures as well as the realization of regular discussion rounds with individual teams and persons strengthen the relationship to your employees.


Launch of a CSR project and network support: corporate social responsibility begins at the management level; it consists of personal conviction. Creativity, curiosity, and engagement of management form the basis for a credible CSR and authentic communication with external partners. You can sustainably influence your reputation with a long-term communication strategy and targeted stakeholder management.



"A good moderator is like a suspender: only when it fails do you notice that it exists." – Roberto Benigni

We have more than 20 years of moderation and stage experience and offer advice, concepts, research, editorial work, and moderation.

A good and competent moderation defines a successful event. We ask the right questions at your panel discussion, lead the way through your events, meetings, and conferences – in German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

We also support difficult discussions and assume the role of a mediator.

Not all discussions are pleasant and proceed without friction – they can be challenging and full of emotion. Anyone who does not talk, will not advance.

We support you in difficult situations with responsibility, curiosity, and creativity. We analyze the conflict situation exactly, approach the involved persons, and develop sustainable solutions that will advance you and your team.




Aileen Zumstein Communication GmbH

Main office: Seestrasse 406 | 8706 Meilen | Switzerland


Zürich: Universitätsstrasse 100 | 8006 Zürich

Bern: kommunikationshaus.ch | Schwanengasse 11 | Postfach | 3011 Bern 


Phone +41 (0)43 243 64 80

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